The Producer / Production Manager

The Producer/ Production Manager oversees the cost effectiveness and planning of the entire production process. Responsibilities may include any or all of the following:
  • Securing the rights to present the play from the royalty house or publisher-agent.
  • Budgeting
  • Deciding date, time and venue
  • Forming a production team
  • Production meetings
  • Scheduling rehearsals

  • Scheduling performances
  • Financial accounting of the show's expenses and revenues


Having secured the rights for the show, the producer starts by putting together a production budget--the cost of finding and rehearsing the creative team, cast and orchestra; designing and making the scenery costumes and props, installing them all in a theatre; and marketing the results.

In some theatres, he/she also determines how many  performances and numbers of patrons it will take to recover the production costs and secure bankroll for the next production in the season.

Next Producer/Production manager must develop a team of  highly motivated, creative  and collaborative production people. (ie. the director, set designer, lighting designer, costume designer, musical director, publicist, choreographer, technical director, stage manager, etc.)
As a producer it's a good idea to
be familiar with the roles and responsibilities
of the other key players
when mounting a production!

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